Malone won the championship and made history: he defeated Zhang Benzhihe in the semi-finals, but swe

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Last night, the International Table Tennis Federation Tour China Open ended in Shenzhen. Chinese players in the final day of the singles semi-finals & ldquo; double kill & rdquo; Japan's two general, the final three championships for the end of the station. Malone and Chen Meng won the men's and women's singles championships, while Liu Shiwen/Gu Yuting, the new group, reached the top in the women's doubles final on the 1st day.

Press the gourd to float
The National Table Tennis Packet Circle won all the championships in the last China Open. Only three of the five championships in the National Table Tennis Championship were won. It is worth noting that the mixed doubles will enter the Tokyo Olympic Games next year. In this event, new combinations Xu Xin/Chen Meng and Fan Zhendong/Ding Ning were experimented in the China Open. The strongest combination Xu Xin/Liu Shiwen was abandoned and the mixed doubles were stopped in the top eight. Although the host country Table Tennis completely suppressed the host Japanese team of the Tokyo Olympic Games in this China Open, the gourd was pressed here and the ladle was floating there. In the men's doubles final, Marlon/Wang Chuqin was in poor condition and was swept 3:0 by the German combination Pol/Franz Scarlett. Two of the five trophies were lost, which was not satisfactory.
Malone called Wang a double record
Yesterday's last match day was the semi-finals and finals of men's and women's singles. Malonglianke, the 30-year-old national table tennis captain, who won the eighth Chinese Open championship, has not only become the only one in the tournament - ldquo; eight champions - rdquo; but also become the history of the tournament - ldquo; the first person - rdquo; with 28 singles champions in the Open.
In March this year, after Malone's comeback, he won the Qatar Open championship and the Asian Cup runner-up in a row, and won three consecutive singles titles in the World Table Tennis Championship. After Qatar reached the top, Malone has won 27 singles Championships in the Open, ranking first in table tennis with Belarus veteran Samsonov. Before that, Malone had won seven Championships in the China Open and won the most Championships in the tournament. In the second battle, he cut off Fan Zhendong, the world's number one player, Zhang Benzhihe, the main national table tennis opponent, and other famous generals. He also played in the final match with Lin Gaoyuan last night. In the first game, the two men fought, and Malone won the key ball by 12:10. In the second round, Malone was more brave in Vietnam, enlarging the lead by 11:6. In the third game, Lin Gaoyuan, who lagged behind by a big score, tried to speed up the pace, but too many mistakes gave his opponents the chance. Malone won the third game 11:5. Marlon, who was 3:0 ahead, went smoother and smoother, winning the fourth inning 11:4 and sweeping the opponents to win the championship. At the award ceremony, Malone took the championship trophy from Liu Guoliang, chairman of the Chinese Table Tennis Association, and they hugged tightly. & I'm very happy to win the championship, and I'm even happier that Chairman Liu presented me the prize for the first time. & rdquo; Malone said.
After winning the crown of laurel, Malone showed great modesty. First, he called Lin Gaoyuan and himself “ there was no big gap between them ”, which means “ the future belongs to Fan Zhendong's ”. He admitted that he was very happy to be back on the field and maintain a high level, but also modestly said that he was not the leader of the team for the Tokyo Olympic Games, & ldquo; the reason why the Chinese team is stronger than other teams is that we are a team, even if someone loses, there are others to make up for it. So there is no one to lead. & rdquo;
Chen Mengfeng Hope to Climb the Peak
In the women's singles final earlier, Chen Meng defeated defending champion Wang Manyu 4-1, and won the third time in this event. Since the founding of the China Open in 1988, the host has never left the women's singles behind.
Since the end of last year, Chen Meng has shown an amazing competitive state. At the World Table Tennis Championship in April, she entered the final all the way for the third time, and achieved her best record, but finally she was defeated by Liu Shiwen, who broke the kettle and sank the boat. In this battle in Shenzhen, Chen Meng successively eliminated Sun Yingsha, Zhu Yuling and other strong players. Wang Manyu also performed well, beating successively Liu Shiwen, the champion of the New Koshi Table Tennis Championship, and Ito Meicheng, the famous Japanese player, to reach the final.
In the final, Chen Meng took the lead in getting into shape and won by 11:3. Wang Manyu, who lost in the first round, adjusted his tactics and pulled back a city at 11:8. Then the two sides launched a fierce struggle, Chen Meng in the grasp of key points is better, 11:9, 11:7 three consecutive games, 4:1 to win the championship.
After the match, Chen Meng said that although it was only a one-stop open competition, this time the championship is still a positive for himself. She disclosed that after the World Table Tennis Championship lost a lot of success, the head coach Ma Lin gave herself a lot of encouragement to help me regain confidence, & ldquo; I have the ability to play, but the competition experience is still relatively lacking, need to accumulate slowly in more competitions. The World Table Tennis Championship is an accumulation. I hope that in the future, I can rely on these accumulation to reach the peak of my career. & rdquo;
Suppress Japan but lose two crowns
The match between China and Japan is the most important point of view in the world table tennis circle in recent years. In this competition, the Japanese team dispatched a huge lineup of 35 people and brought the suspense of championship to the last match day.
However, in yesterday's men's and women's singles semi-final, Malone and Wang Manyu defeated Zhang Benzhi and Ito Meicheng respectively, without leaving the suspense in the final. So far, China and Japan have met 16 times in the main competition of this station, and Chinese players have won 14 victories to suppress their opponents in an all-round way.
Ito Meicheng won only two games for the Japanese team. She eliminated young players Wang Yidi and & ldquo; Grand Slam & rdquo; and winner Ding Ning in the women's singles competition, and won the national table tennis player nearly half a year later. However, in the semi-final, she was defeated by Wang Manyu 1:4. & ldquo; I competed with determination and conviction to win.From beginning to end, it was very firm. & Wang Manyu, who lost to Ito Meicheng for the first time in the final of last year's Japanese Open, said it was meaningful to win the match at the height of the opponent's momentum.
Malone eliminated Zhang Benzhihe with the same score in the semi-final. The latter said frankly after the game that he had played 89% of the level, but it was too difficult to win Marlon.
Despite gaining the upper hand in the competition with Japan and taking the second place in both singles and women's doubles, in the other two events, China failed to win another five championships after last year. Among them, two pairs of mixed doubles & ldquo; strong combination & rdquo; not promoted to the top fourIt reveals that the international table tennis is still not sure in this new Olympic event.
Source: Beijing Evening News


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