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At 1 a.m. Beijing time on June 4, Apple held its annual World Conference of Developers (WWDC) at McEnley Convention Center in San Jose, USA. In addition to updating iOS 13, iPadOS and other software, it also released two additional hardware products, mdash; & mdash; a brand new Mac Pro and Apple display.
Among them, Mac Pro, which Apple calls “ the strongest Mac&rdquo in history, is the highlight of this hardware product. The new Mac Pro did not adopt the previous generation & ldquo; trash bin & rdquo; style, but returned to the traditional style, using the silver-white square chassis with handles. At the same time, drawing lessons from previous generation & ldquo; garbage bin & rdquo; poor heat dissipation, we designed honeycomb-like dense heat dissipation holes in front and back of the chassis, which quickly took away heat through the turbine fan.
What kind of configuration needs such heat dissipation? The new Mac Pro is powered by Intel 28 Core to Strong Processors. It has 12 DDR4 ECC memory slots and supports 6 channels of memory with a maximum frequency of 1.5TB 2933MHz. The solid memory is larger than my hard disk --- hellip; & hellip;
This is the first time that Apple has opened a customized Mac. The internal motherboard has eight PCI-e slots and can carry the AMD GPU series. The standard Radeon Pro 580X is already very strong. It also supports Radeon Pro Vega II dual-card fire (four GPUs). The whole machine can achieve 56 trillion floating-point computing times per second. It has a terrible 128GB HBM2 memory and can support three 8K resolution screens. Simultaneous output.
At the same time, the new Mac Pro also has an excellent fit for content creators, game developers and other users.
In terms of price, Mac Pro starts at $5,999, about 41500 yuan, and will be available in the autumn of this year. As the strongest Mac in history, have you ever had a heart attack?


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