Traitor's pot, no back! Lenovo official microblog renamed "Lenovo China"

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Recently, some netizens found that Lenovo's official microblog has been renamed as & ldquo; Lenovo China & rdquo;. On May 31, Lenovo China official Weiwei said: & ldquo; The future of the world in China, China's future in the wisdom of innovation, Lenovo's strength is to let everyone feel a good life. & rdquo;
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Recently, there have been many controversies about Lenovo, such as the previous 5G voting, which Lenovo has made a detailed clarification.
Not long ago, Lenovo's idea of withdrawing from China became very popular. Subsequently, Lenovo Group's official Wechat Public Number explained in detail the origin of the rumor: ldquo; Lenovo's withdrawal from China & rdquo.
Lenovo emphasizes: & ldquo; It's better to work hard and study hard than to take the flow out of context. Traitor's pot, no back! & rdquo;


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